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VGO, Vacuum Gas Oil

Solis Oil works to locate specific VGO Vacuum Gas Oil to meet the refinery’s specifications, with the end goal of providing a consistent supply stream, adjusting to the customer’s changing needs, and providing real time customer service. Solis Oil’s management of Vacuum Gas Oil includes terminal purchases, pipeline shipping purchases, barge allotments, rail car and general transportation for a variety of fuel oils.

What is VGO Vacuum Gas Oil

Vacuum Gas Oil or VGO is part of the petroleum hydrocarbon heavy distillate family. Vacuum Gas Oil also known as cat feed, which is feedstock for fluid catalytic crackers used to make gasoline, gasoil and many other by-products.

Types of Vacuum Gas Oil

Common synonyms for VGO are:
•Heavy Vacuum Gas Oil (HVGO)
•Heavy Gas Oil
•Heavy Vacuum Distillate
•Partially Refined Heavy Gas Oil
•Vacuum Tower Heavy Gas Oil
•Vacuum Tower Sidestream
•Feedstock to the 634 Hydrodesulfization Unit
•Untreated FCCU Feedstock
•Cracker Unit Feedstock
•No. 6 Fuel Oil Blending Component
•Heavy Fuel Oil Blending Component
•Unfinished Bunker Fuel
•C20-C50 Petroleum Hydrocarbons