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Tank Bottom Products

Solis Oil works to locate sources of used oil tank bottoms, fuel tank bottoms, and manufacturing process tank bottoms with the end goal of providing a consistent supply stream to various clients with differing needs. Solis Oil caters to those clients’ changing needs, and provides real time customer service. Solis Oil’s management of tank bottoms includes terminal purchases, pipeline shipping purchases, barge allotments, rail car and general transportation.

Definition of a Tank Bottom

The term “tank bottoms” is used to describe the material that accumulates as solids or heavy fractions at the bottom of certain types of storage tanks, which must be removed from time to time. Tank bottoms are often a mixture of liquids with rust and other sediments. The regulation of these tank bottom materials varies based on the type of storage tank it is retrieved from and how the material is handled. Specific regulations must be followed under established used oil and hazardous waste requirements when dealing with tank bottoms.

Uses of a Tank Bottom

A tank bottom product is used for various applications and is meant to be a reusable waste product. There are many beneficial uses for this material such as dust palliative on unimproved roads, fuel for the cement and aggregate industry kilns, crude distiller feedstock, and coking feedstock. Another use for a tank bottom product is to cut the heavy petroleum stock with a lighter petroleum stock. That “cut” or less viscous sludge is potentially applicable in a wider range of reuse opportunities than those listed above. Recovery of the tank bottom and processing to make a usable feedstock can be expensive. However, the value of the recovered product can make the entire process cost-effective.