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Slop Oil and Sludge Oil

Solis Oil works to locate Slop Oil and Sludge Oil with the end goal of providing a consistent supply chain & logistics, adjusting to the customer’s changing needs, and providing real time customer service. Solis Oil’s management of Slop Oil and Sludge Oil includes terminal purchases, pipeline shipping purchases, barge allotments, rail car and general transportation for a variety of fuel oils.

What is Slop Oil and Sludge Oil

Refineries around the world produce nearly ten million barrels of unusable oil each year. All slop oil and sludge oil can be upgraded and mixed with crude oil to be reprocessed in the refinery for other uses.

Slop Oil and Sludge Oil is reclaimed petroleum waste mixtures of oil, chemicals and water derived from a wide variety of processes in refineries or oil fields. Slop Oil and Sludge Oil is formed when tank wagons and oil tanks are cleaned or during maintenance work at refineries, or in unforeseen oil accidents. Slop oils can have very different compositions with varying proportions of water and solids.

Storage of Slop Oil and Sludge Oil

The storage of Slop Oil and Sludge Oil is conventionally in large oil lagoons or tanks, and is disposed of from time to time. Sometimes it is incinerated. Incineration is very energy-intensive, because the mixture has a high proportion of water. Storing Slop Oil in oil lagoons is also a potential environmental hazard. Therefore, mechanical separation technology provides an economical alternative which is as kind to the environment. In addition to avoiding costly oil lagoons, the main benefit is the recovery of valuable oil to be cost effectively reused for other purposes.