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Fuel Oil , Heavy Oil, Feed Stock and Gas Oil

Solis Oil works to locate specific Fuel Oil, Feed Stock, Gas Oil and Cutter Stock for blending or refining to meet the commercial, utility energy providers, and military client's specifications, with the end goal of providing a consistent Supply Chain & Logistics, adjusting to the customer's changing needs, and providing real time customer service. Solisoil's Fuel Oil, Gas Oil and Cutter Stock management includes terminal purchases, pipeline shipping purchases, barge allotments, rail car and general transportation for a variety of fuel oils.

Heavy Fuel Oil and Residual Oil

There are two categories of Fuel Oils; Heavy Fuel Oils and Residual Fuel Oils. Fuel oils include the most common fuel oil No. 1 called kerosene, diesel fuels 1-D and 2-D, home heating oil No. 2, marine diesel fuel oil No. 4, jet fuel oil (JP5), No. 5L and No. 5H, and Bunker-C No. 6.

Fuel oil is a liquid petroleum product (either heavy fuel oil or residual oil) that is burned in a furnace, boiler, or engine to generate power. Fuel oil comes in the form of burnable liquids produced by various distillation processes, or it can be in the form of a residual oil. Fuel oils differ from one another by their hydrocarbon composition, viscosity, flash point, carbon residue, sulfur content, and other chemical contents and uses.

Cutter Stock and Gas Oil

Cutter Stock and Gas Oil products are petroleum derivatives used to reduce the viscosity of heavier residual fuel oils, to meet the exact blend for a specific use. Heavy fuel oil can be blended with cutter stock oil to make Residual Fuel Oils and No. 6 Fuel Oil/Bunker-C Oil.