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Bunker Fuel and Marine Gas Oil

Solisoil works to locate Bunker Fuel to meet the needs of the maritime shipping industry’s specifications, with the end goal of providing a consistent supply chain & logistics, adjusting to the customer's changing needs, and providing real time customer service. Solisoil's Bunker Fuel and Marine Gas Oil management includes terminal purchases, pipeline shipping purchases, barge allotments, rail car and general transportation for a variety of fuel oil.

Composition of Bunker Fuel

Bunker Fuel is a type of liquid fuel which is fractionally distilled from crude oil, and comes in a variety of grades based on viscosity. In comparison with other petroleum products, bunker fuel is extremely crude and highly polluting.

Bunker C is the residual oil left over after the lighter, more volatile products (gasoline, #2 diesel, natural gas) are distilled out of the crude oil, becoming basically the bottom of the barrel. These molecules are much larger and heavier, and provide a lot of energy per unit of fuel. Since it is the final oil left over from distilling, it has many more impurities such as sulfur and heavy metals. These impurities contribute to ash and deposit formation as well as combustion emissions.

Uses for Bunker Fuel

In a large industrial diesel engine or an industrial furnace system, ash and deposits don’t impede how these systems function. These systems can handle the by-products, therefore bunker oil becomes the best fuel for these energy needs because it is also markedly cheaper than gasoline or diesel fuel.

Bunker fuel is also known as Marine Gas Oil, and a number of different classifications around the world are used to describe different grades. Chemical composition, intended use, and boiling temperature are the main factors used to classify bunker fuel into different categories. Cutter Stock or Feed Stock is used for ship fuel blending. Based on viscosity at specific temperatures, there are 14 grades from IFO-30 to IFO-460. There are also 10 grades from RM-30 to RM-700.