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Biodiesel, Off Road Diesel and Biofuel

Solis Oil works to locate specific Biodiesel to meet the commercial, utility energy providers, and military client's specifications, with the end goal of providing a consistent supply chain & logistics, adjusting to the customer’s changing needs, and providing real time customer service. Solis Oil’s Biodiesel management includes terminal purchases, pipeline shipping purchases, barge allotments, rail car and general transportation for a variety of fuel oils.

Types of Biodiesel and Biofuel

Biodiesel is used in standard diesel engines; it can be used alone, or blended with petro diesel, and can also be used as a low carbon alternative to heating oil.

In the retail diesel fuel market, blends of biodiesel and off-road diesel fuel are products most commonly distributed. A system known as the “B” factor distinguishes the amount of biodiesel in a fuel mixture.

B100 is 100% biodiesel.
B20 is 20% biodiesel and 80% petro diesel.
B5 is 5% biodiesel, 95% petro diesel.
B2 is 2% biodiesel, 98% petro diesel.

Uses of Biodiesel and Biofuel

Many types of diesel transportation equipment can use off-road diesel blends of 20% biodiesel and lower with no, or only minor modifications. The B6 to B20 blends are covered by the ASTM D7467 specification. In its pure form, B100 can also be used, but may require certain engine modifications to avoid maintenance and performance problems. For heating,biodiesel is available in various blends. ASTM 396 recognizes blends of up to 5 percent biodiesel as equivalent to pure petroleum heating oil. Blends of higher levels of up to 20% biofuel are used by many consumers.